Locked OUT

It’s pointless to try to stay hopeful when you’re #LockedOUT.

Millions of young Africans have the necessary skills and education for employment, but there aren’t enough decent opportunities to go around.

If you agree that every young African should have an opportunity to contribute to their community, sign our charter calling for more decent jobs in Africa.

Fareed Ibrahim

Fareed Ibrahim is a multi-skilled, highly motivated leader, who is passionate about quality education, health and opportunities for young people and community development. 

Like every young African, Fareed knows the challenges involved in securing a decent job in Africa. This is why he and many other young people are constantly skilling up for the future, and engaging policy leaders to ensure safe and dignified employment for many young Africans.

Fareed’s aspirations and efforts may not lead to anything if he remains #LockedOUT of the job market, but with your help, he and many young Africans can achieve more.

Odunayo Ayoola

Odunayo is a medical doctor in training and an enthusiastic community service specialist committed to promoting education and gender equality.

Her career aspiration is to become a medical practitioner and a public health researcher while actively advocating for decent jobs and the good health and wellbeing of women and girls in Africa.

With your help, her aspirations can become a reality. Sign our charter calling on governments, the private sector and non-state partners to commit to creating the opportunities young Africans like Odunayo need to fulfill their potential.

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