Join the People’s CALL TO ACTION

We call for urgent action by our governments, the private sector and non-state partners from across Africa to COMMIT to these priorities:

Create decent jobs
Facilitate doing business and provide the necessary infrastructure
Harness youth potential and secure jobs for future generations
Ensure safe and dignified employment in all sectors
Meet the above commitments with openness, transparency and accountability

We CALL on African governments and non-state partners to COMMIT to these priority actions:

Create decent jobs

  • Develop and implement national policies and programs to support decent employment for all. 
  • Focus support on job-rich sectors with the potential to employ the workforce, including agriculture, trade and manufacturing, ICT, mining, tourism and creative industries.
  • Facilitate access to credit, subsidized loans, grants and financial services.

Facilitate doing business and provide the necessary infrastructure

  • Operationalize the African Continental Free Trade Area to open up access to a larger continental market.
  • Open African borders for youth to access markets and compete freely for work and trade.
  • Make it easy and affordable to do business, produce goods and services.
  • Invest in infrastructure that supports job creation and income generation.

Harness youth potential and secure jobs for future generations

  • Support youth to build enterprises through training, business incubation and partnerships. 
  • Guide, mentor and enhance youth skills through apprenticeships and internships to overcome skills mismatch. 
  • Integrate green economy programs into strategies for job creation and youth employment.

Ensure safe and dignified employment

  • Enforce regulations to ensure safe workplaces with security, dignity and equality where youth can earn fair incomes.
  • Develop programs and policies to ensure equal opportunities for decent employment for disadvantaged youth, including the poor, uneducated, girls and youth with disabilities.
  • Facilitate processes to reduce informality and give identity to informal businesses.

Openness, transparency and accountability

  • Listen to youth concerns, empower and involve them in decisions and actions on jobs.
  • Develop information systems to track labour market trends and opportunities.
  • Regularly monitor and tap into lessons from youth employment programs.