Many young people in our communities are looking for a decent job! According to data from the International Labour Organization (ILO), almost half of Africa’s youth in the workforce were either unemployed or working poor in 2019. Since the pandemic hit, more people are out of jobs than ever before, with women and young people impacted the most.

To address this urgent issue of unemployment, we’ve launched the JobsNowAfrica Campaign to help create 15 million decent jobs in Africa each year by 2025.

Sixty per cent of Africa’s population is below the age of 25 and 67% is under 30. Africa needs about 15 million new decent jobs every year to absorb its booming young population. But Africa’s youth is not being given the opportunities it needs to fulfill its potential and may reach crisis point if we do not act now.

The time to address unemployment in Africa is now!

We are doing this together

This initiative was created in collaboration with youth networks, think-tanks, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), businesses, and industry experts to address employment problems in Africa.

Our growing partnerships span across different regions of Africa and are dedicated to helping young people across the continent realize their full potential.

JobsNowAfrica campaign launch event

Watch the video of the campaign launch event: